How Can You Opt for the Best Biometric Screening Company?


WellSteps does comprehensive wellness programming however we don’t run biometric screenings. For the previous ten years we’ve assisted our customers locate and work with companies which do run screenings. This trial-and-error method of locating the very best biometric screening companies has shown us exactly what to search for when choosing a vendor.

A large effect on the standard of the service comes out of lots of merging and acquisition one of the distinct biometric screening companies. Below is a listing of the best 10 biometric screening companies that we’ve been able to spot. Any firm within this list is there as they were advocated by present WellSteps customers, agents, advisers, and other wellness professionals. In the current time, our treasured biometric screening firm is Onsite Health Diagnostics.

Listed below are a Couple of tips That Will Help You Select the Ideal biometric screening firm:

Start small: instead of run screenings for an whole company, you can begin with a small group of employees and determine how it goes.

Speak with the present customers of the organization you’re thinking about. Ask them exactly what they do and do not enjoy about the biometric screening firm they utilize. This is the only real, true source of impartial seller details.

Assess if they have an app for mobile devices to assist employees upload and safely submit present biometric information

See when they make it effortless to create, maintain, and alter screening appointments.

Request if they permit you to bring laboratory data from the primary care doctor.

Biometric screening is now a product; there are hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of labs having the capability to rapidly evaluate blood. The purpose of performing biometric screening is to help employees reduce elevated health risks. To try it, you need to help them enhance their health behaviours by modifying their diets and making exercise a habit.

This is the heart of each successful wellness program. WellSteps doesn’t perform biometric screening, but we rely heavily on the screening information to assist employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. To assist wellness programs do so directly, I wrote that the definitive guide to performing biometric screening.

Biometric screening information is futile unless employees do something with the outcomes.

Best 9 Biometric Screening Companies (in alphabetical order)


BioIQ was set up in Santa Barbara, California in May 2015, and has grown into one of the top rated biometric screening companies in the USA. They’ve completely altered how health measurement is carried out by making applications that could examine your health remotely instead of in person. This has enabled more individuals to gain access to health checks than ever before. Because of this, individuals now have added insight in their health which they would not have previously. Biometric screening sellers such as BioIQ have helped countless individuals and tens of thousands of companies throughout the usage of the health improvement technologies.


Labcorp is just one of the top rated biometric screening companies in the country. Out of all of the biometric screening sellers which are out there, LabCorp uses some of their most advanced medical technologies in the business for conducting advanced laboratory medical evaluations. LabCorp has a community of specialty testing labs and chief clinical labs spread out throughout the nation. Headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina, LabCorp delivers high quality analytical solutions to people and companies that enable drugs to be attracted to them quicker.

Onsite Health Diagnostics:

Onsite Health Diagnostics is one of the very best biometric screening companies we’ve worked with. They offer two pricing plans; one of that lets them pay for the country without needing website minimums. On top of that, they provide 4 approaches for biometric screenings: onsite, laboratory, doctor form, along with a home test kit. Since they enable employees to bring their own medical information they have the flexibility employees enjoy. They aren’t likely to check anyone if they have legal laboratory data. This saves time, money, and patient annoyance. They’ll work together with groups of almost any size and place.

Quest Diagnostics:

Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness runs over 3 million biometric screenings and more than 500,000 flu shots each year. Additionally they offer concentrated testing with PSA, Vitamin D, A1c, TSH, hsCRP and InSure® FIT™ screening alternatives.

Star Wellness:

Star Wellness is among the main biometric screening companies that conducts biometric screening evaluations and health evaluations on the employees of their customers. The information that’s gathered from these types of screenings and evaluations can then help companies implement the suitable company wellness program in their organization. Companies realize that their companies endure when their employees are ill or unhealthy at work. Star Wellness helps these companies in finding the ideal solutions which can enable their employees to lead healthier lifestyles.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

Synergy Wellness:

Synergy Wellness is located in Atlanta, Georgia. They’ve been among the top rated biometric screening companies in the USA for the last 30 decades. Their healthcare experience grows to many different different disciplines, but they mostly conduct biometric screening evaluations on people and business employees. As one of the main biometric screening sellers, Synergy Wellness can examine people’s blood pressure, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and body makeup. After these results return, Synergy Wellness uses a group of onsite coaches that will teach these folks on what they can do in order to become healthier.

The Wellness Business:

The Wellness Company is based in Rhode Island and has been set in 2000. So far as biometric screening companies proceed, they’re among the top rated biometric screening companies in the country. On the other hand, The Wellness Company is a really healthcare services organization that offers screening programs and health programs for their clientele. A number of the clients include communities, schools, schools, associations, small companies, and large corporations. They have a streak of flu applications to make sure that pupils and employees become vaccinated correctly before a possible flu insect gets spread around inside their own organization.

TotalWellness Health:

However big your company may be, TotalWellness can provide personalized health and wellness services which help you deliver superior programs for your employees. Services contain biometric screenings, flu shots, and wellness services. With TotalWellness, you will observe a decline in worker absenteeism and increases in productivity, security, and attention. Additionally, they’ll become far better mothers and dads, enhanced contributors to their communities, and also help induce improved outcomes on your bottom line.

Worksite Health:

Located in California, Worksite Health is among the country’s greatest biometric screening companies. Their duty is to aid associations and companies in having the ability to present high-quality onsite wellness options to their employees. There are lots of biometric screening companies on the market, but Worksite Health is among the very few biometric screening sellers together with all the expertise and credentials to run the ideal type of screening evaluations. A number of these evaluations will determine blood pressure, height, weight, sugar, lipoprotein, cholesterol, and much more. Following the results are in, employees will be given a training session on how they could turn any unwanted results around.

Wellness Screening is Easy. It’s What Happens That Matters.

Despite what really occurs in several wellness programs, there are in fact two major sections of having a powerful biometric screening application. The first component is collecting data (bloodwork and dimensions ) and creating hazard scores. Here is the easy part–some other biometric screening business may do it. In reality, it’s so simple you can purchase a kit and do it yourself at home.

In addition, there are medical professionals or sellers that are professionally trained to carry your own bloodstream and compute your results. The tough part is knowing what to do with the data as soon as you have it. Slimming elevated blood pressure, glucose, or cholesterolnow that’s a different issue entirely. In the conclusion of the day, is not that the main reason behind the screening at the first location? This whole scenario reminds me of a Seinfeld sketch where Jerry talks about the gap between carrying an automobile reservation and really holding the booking.

Ordinarily, a worker who has just got their biometric information will find a opportunity to visit a nurse or a health coach. The outcomes will be discussed and some recommendations will be produced and probably the worker will walk off with a leaflet and reinforcement to see with a primary care provider.

That is all good and well, but this can be where the procedure breaks down. Employees with radically elevated health risks will be aggressively encouraged to seek medical care. The suitable medical care plan for elevated cholesterol and blood pressure would be to start with Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC). That is a fancy method of saying adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is the right way to take with elevated health risks since, after all, the elevated health hazards are always only a symptom of a bigger issue: unhealthy behaviors.

If individual employees with elevated health risks embrace and preserve habits which have good nutrition and regular physical activity, significant improvements in their own health risks will happen. Regardless of this therapy protocol, many doctors are simply able to offer some encouraging dialog and another booklet.

wellness health screening biometric screening wellness screening companies

There are not many alternatives to take part in therapeutic lifestyle change inside the present medical community. Doctors aren’t reimbursed to have discussions with their patients. They have paid when they put something in you or require something from you. Many physicians do not talk about healthy lifestyles with their patients because they do not think patients can do anything anyhow; why waste time talking about good nutrition and physical activity in the event the individual is not likely to create the essential behavior changes? Frequently they’re quick to prescribe threat reducing drugs. These drugs work, however they do not tackle the inherent problem of unhealthy behaviours.

To assist employees with elevated health risks, wellness programs will need to provide programming that’s based on successful behavior change notions. These may be challenges, campaigns, courses, or training designed to help employees and their significant others enhance nutrition habits and exercise routines.

This program is good at reducing cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body fat with no drugs. When employees have high health dangers after several efforts and ample attempts to adopt healthy behaviours, then it is time to begin taking risk reducing drugs.


Biometric screening is among the most important and productive things employees can perform within the wellness program. Every adult ought to be screened once and after if needed. These biometric screening companies and many healthcare providers will be able to help you understand your numbers. But understanding your numbers does not mean much unless you can reduce elevated health hazards by adopting and maintaining healthy habits.